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The Still Small Voice Within

Usually we think of strong persons as those who go out with brute strength to conquer the challenges they face. Even if they have already faced defeat, they still raise themselves up to meet new challenges. Sometimes doing so means reaching inside themselves to find the strength necessary to face the burdens of daily living. But we too readily overlook other people; the quiet ones, the ones from whom we hear little or, if we hear anything, we hear it softly or tentatively. These people seem to… Continue

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Psalms 146 in daily prayer

The Book of Acts contains two references to a specific verse in Psalm 146.  This particular psalm is part of a group of psalms (145-150) that are recited each morning from the daily prayer book.   These psalms are seen as an encouragement to the Jews in exile reminding them that Yah will reign forever despite all their enemies. The sages also say  these psalms speak to the fact that Yah is not like the kings and rulers of this world whose powers are limited by the physical constraints of time… Continue

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From my heart to yours!

Why am i doing this... why create another site.

As we have no need of another social site or network among the Hebrew roots, Messianic Nazarene, OR scared namers. We have plenty out here that we can join.

But as I have been walking out here Ive learned that if their is any thing we are in need of it is

trusted and Righteous fellowship and teachings in community under good and trusted…


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Something to keep in Prayer in the coming days...


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Update! 05.11

I soon will be updating with some new videos that will tell us more and more from are Orthodox brothers on some of the hard question in the Torah that Need an answer to in how the Netzarim will keep them.

I hope they will open a full Discussion and an answer.


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UPdate's with Chat and page changing, facebook and twitter

Now you can intergrate with your facebook and also twitter!

Im sure other things im still learning !LOL!

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This site is goverened & Oversite by Shali of Refiners fire Website

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We will be Working to get this site up and Running for a place where Netzari's and other interested can come and learn together in love !

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where is everyone?

Posted by KnuNetzer on January 23, 2017 at 1:36am — 1 Comment

YHWH"S Children of pakistan

This is a kids home that Teaches & Cares for Homeless, Poor & Needy Kids of Pakistan. The Way  of YHWH


Jewish couple receives racist letter after hanging Black Lives Matter flag

The note was unsigned and accompanied by a drawing of a gold star with the WWII era "Jude" caption, SS, Nazi, and anarchist insignia.

8 Egyptian police killed in north Sinai attack

The attack was launched with a car bomb, planted in a street cleaning car that the attackers had stolen a few days earlier, three security sources told Reuters.

Israel today

Israeli Jewish Blogger Causes Uproar by Taking Selfies in Saudi Arabia

Series of photos posted to Facebook show Israeli Jew living it up in Saudi Arabia while wearing a kefiyah

Israeli Girl Wounded in 2011 Bombing Dies of Her Wounds, Nearly 7 Years Later

Hodaya Asulin's death is a reminder that even those merely "wounded" in terror attacks are still victims

Orthodox Jews Joining IDF Face Increasing Pressure, Threats

Mass demonstrations against IDF service have the country on edge, new campaign defends Orthodox soldiers

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