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Why am i doing this... why create another site.

As we have no need of another social site or network among the Hebrew roots, Messianic Nazarene, OR scared namers. We have plenty out here that we can join.

But as I have been walking out here Ive learned that if their is any thing we are in need of it is

trusted and Righteous fellowship and teachings in community under good and trusted Servants

of Yeshua.

Ive made this site for us to Grow In love and Unity in Righteousness in & with Trusted teachers

and trusted friends. So that we can grow Strong in all of YHWH Kadosh ways.

This site will try to hold to the Highest of standers with much integrity in what come's in and gones out among teachings and teachers among the body.

The Over head of this site runs as close as possible LIKE  a bet din.

So that no one man can boast of any thing here, but a joint work for the Love of Yeshua's Body.

ALL  are welcome for input and teachings and questions for the growth and straightening of the body.

Thank YOU for being here


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