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After Watching this site for some months I noticed it was not moving and the 21 dollars that are paid for the month I could give it way instead of give it for this site to just site here.

My heart is the build the Community of the Netzarim pass the FAcebook INTERNET plate form. Also to come out of the Christian conferences that we in western society have come to learn one of the ways of are community build. Here in KC where I'm at I will be starting a community for a Bride to be Made Ready. A people getting things together for the Coming of the Messiah and be ready when He comes....

I invited many to come and help the children grow and become Strong only to find out they where very happy where they where at. and didn't really care to build the body to grow. 

So with that I hope that before we all grow to old and must pass if to the Next gen that we do all that we can to see the body be Strong and made ready for the Messiah.

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Comment by Bill Tessore on July 1, 2011 at 2:05pm

Just one more proof we're in the last days.


Shalom Aleichem

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