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This, should in fact have been forwarded to those not in the know. But i'm posting it here first coz i need some objective feedback. Here goes. ' if you DON'T know jesus, you're going to hell.' I heard this quoted on a christian radiostation a couple of minutes ago and it angered and saddened me. It's funny(tho obviously not in a comical way) how alot of people who still cling to the pagan deity name jesus have a wealth of info about His true name available to them. The truth is an absolute verified one, but still hardheaded or hardheartedness thrives. It seems to me as if most operate on the ' the- Lord- will- understand- if- i- choose- to- address- Him- by- a- false- name- coz- He's- merciful' mindstate. So if you somehow mistook my name for nazario and i corrected you by stating that it's arnold and that i'd appreciate it if you called me that, wouldn't it be disrespectful to me if you didn't? Doesn't it matter if by calling on jesus, your'e hailing a god that didn't and still and never will exist? Bear with me i'm almost done. A few years back i was deep into secular rap, but then my spirit( or Yahweh) convicted me and i got rid of it. My worldliness raged at me about trashing stuff that i spent alot of bucks on but i rebuked the sinfulness. Yeah, i wasted my money but i also wasted my brain with listening to violence glorifying music that would never have built me up spiritually. So nothing lost, but the possibility of halacha gained. Next stop was christian rap, clean and instructive, but lacking in some quarters. What hurts me about most of these rappers is that they like alot of sincere souls in hybrid christian faith turned their lives around but thru man and hasatan and crew they've been subtlely indoctrined by lies and twisted truths( which are lies anyway. I'm worried that most of these sincere souls might in time discover the deception but miss out on the hebraic steppingstones that leads to Yahweh- The One that SHOULD BE named and Who Loves it when jesus is rightfully replaced with YAHUSHUA. Slimcha for my repetitive subject matter but Yah's truth is everfresh to me. Last thought: people need to quit with the fabrication that the devil made them do or say something. The devil is not omniprescent. In some cases an evil spirit might be involved in whatever, but don't liken the created rebel to the Creator. It's sickening and truly laughable. Toda for your patience and slimcha for pushing my belief down your throat if you're not down with it. But just know that my conviction is that it's the truth or the 'reines' as i like to say. Shalom!

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Comment by Bill Tessore on June 30, 2011 at 5:55pm

Yes Arnold, I share your sentiments about those who "preach it" yet do not know, or care, that "it" is fallacy. (Hmm, interesting how similar fallacy & phallic are). I take comfort in the promise that those who "sigh & cry" will ultimately be consoled & rewarded. I also cling to the truth that though most will not come into the knowledge of the way of Y'shua, those who do will come in HIS good time. May YHVH's name be blessed!


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