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To think that it's only been just about over a year since i was guided into the discovery of the true name of the Ein Sof who brings salvation. And now that i know the Master's true name what do you suppose can make me forsake It or leave It blowing in the wind? The operative word you're looking for is NOTHING. I had two options open to me- falsehood or truth. jesus christ or Yahushua HaMashiach. Best believe i didn't need pause for consideration, i opted for the second one and it'll remain so for eternity coz i'm DONE with the lies of the past and i'm guarding against that of the here and now. Because of the circumventing of the truth the talmud states that our Master's name should be blotted out. But hasatan and the rest of his fallen crew(if one of them is present while i'm busy texting this) should know that the time of your fun and games is almost over i feel like dissing you but thankfully Yahweh warned me not to be stupid. You might have great powers but with Yah IN me i'm above you- remember that. Anyway jezeus- hail zeus- detestable. jesus- horse- pig, that's not who i pray to anymore. In a sense the old things for me has past, but i'm not in the promised land yet and guess what- i'm holding myself back. I'm not getting into the reasons but achi or achinot pray that i make it there.

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Comment by Bill Tessore on July 1, 2011 at 2:00pm

OK Arnold, I'm not familiar with some of these words you've used here: "Ein Sof", "achi", & "achinot". Can you share with me what these words mean?


Shalom Aleichem

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