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A person with good intentions, and a pure heart might one day, after diligent and exhaustive research decide to write a book about that person's findings concerning religion. The book, in that person's mind should be an eye opener, correcting the fallacies of the past and instructing the reader on how to walk in absolute righteousness. Good, admirable. But the snagging part comes into play when the writer thinks that the writer knows it all and doesn't figure that when a little bit of a lie or a misconception sneeks past the truth then the truth is instantaneously a hybrid teaching. Okay, let me drop this mysterious tone of mine and tell you what writer i'm talking about. Her name is Renette Vermeulen, and if i remember correctly it's thru her book, RELATIONSHIP VERSUS RELIGION that i came to abhor ishtar and xmas. I've reread( actually re- skimmed) the hardhitting book and for the first time really noticed the 'jesus' abolished the first covenant lie. Whether or not it wasn't a lie to her understanding or whether it was deliberate- a lie remains exactly what it is- poison. According to Renette the first covenant is spiritual death, fear and bondage, plus it's outdated and only the renewed covenant is relevant.( please verify for yourself whether or not i've in anyway taken her words out of context.) Anyway, how is honouring YHVH'S pointers to a fruitful life spiritual death? Actually the complete opposite is true. I think it was achinot Shali who said that grace didn't just come into being when Yahushua willingly laid down His life for us. How many times didn't YHVH bestow grace on Yisrael? When you take away the first testament, what meaning does the renewed one have? If you focus only on grace then celebrating pagan customs and venerating idols would be alright becoz by just believing u've got grace, u're eternally saved and you can go about your way and fornicate and go and get your baby murdered and just say,' hey he-soos(horse), hey he-soos(pig) look i'm sorry i slipped up again but we're still cool right? In jezeus name, amen, and thank you very much for the grace that cancels out my spur of the moment and premeditated sins.' UNfortunately our Father in hamashayim finds this type of nonsense repulsive. Torah's intent is to keep you sober. The grace only doctrine intoxicates you with false security. A person can believe in Yahushua all he wants but if you drop the Torah part and decide that participating in easter's okay or if you say that Yahweh's love is so unconditional that He doesn't care whether or not your'e practicing homosexuality while teaching from the Word then obviously foolishness has taken your mind captive. When you speak against the Torah, you speak against the Father and when you do that all the truth you might have spoken is annuled in my eyes. I hope YHVH reaches His daughter Renette in some way, coz she isn't far from the malchut. She just needs to know that fulfilled doesn't mean abolished and that God HAS got a name and that His Son is NOT a horse or a snotty snout rolling in the mud pig. Much love.

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Comment by Arnold Swartland on June 30, 2011 at 1:57pm
Omein achi! No question.
Comment by Bill Tessore on June 30, 2011 at 1:34pm

Here's how I see the Torah & Y'shua's work. The torah is the great stones of our temple (faith). Y'shua's work supports & holds those great stones in place. Together both yield a powerful place of safety. But remember, regular attention is required of us, the tenants of this temple, to insure the adversary does not destroy what has been built.


Shalom Aleichem

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