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U know I made this site Because when I came to the faith and started going to Messanic places I found out it would take me a long time to learn what I should have in a little amount of time, 

So I started looking , And the Nut  Jobs ( Goy Big Heads ) where far more available  then I wanted . All the Hebrew roots teachers I soon came to find most where Goys and little of them had any good connection to Torah Observant Jews. This left me with a bad taste in my mouth , 

Also I found that most of them where trying to start a revolution and not bring unity . 

I noticed that they looked more to what was Pagan and how wrong the church was instead of looking at the more important Topics , 

I found that the Jewish Teachers that didnt try also to separate the body of Messiah also had one hand in the church and the Other trying to recover there Jewishness, and by doing that they spent much time making the New Goy coming in to Israel a second class citizen. This still to this day Hurts me Very badly. 

I can find it all over the Messanic moment , seems they dont look around to see that most of there congratulation are GENTILE OR PEOPLE OF THE NATIONS . but like the church as long as the people feel some what Ok they will stay right where they are and not SEEK PURE TRUTH . 

So with that I spent years looking for Jewish understanding and Jewish answers to the Hard questions. I wanted trusted Jewish teachers that didnt look at me as If I was trying to take there place or if I was an em-poster that also Fully believed the Torah and that It should be keeped!

And so I made this site ... to not only provide the Trust of the Matter but to be a standing post for the people that really didnt just want to facebook fight but wanted to Truly walk in The Truth of Elohim's Torah in Yeshua are Messiah 

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Comment by Larry on September 16, 2012 at 7:11pm

Thank you Karen this also helps me to keep going !  :) Many blessing upon the New years! 

Comment by Karen Conaty on September 16, 2012 at 6:12am


Thank you for this site, i have looked for a little while now, & it helps to see others of like faith.

My husband & i have searched for years now, out of the church, to finally find The Netzari Faith!!! I have personally been on a journey since b4 1981 to find Elohim's Truth, not mans, but way back then, it was God, & Jesus, but He is kind & compassionate to us (husband), that He was guiding us to His Word, & now out of the church, & Lovers of the Torah & Y'shua! We started to see the Hebrew-ness of Y'shua @ 2007, then, starting to buy books that Zola Levitt, & then others, but this April, finally the AENT & became apart of One Faith One People, And we are so thankful for all true lovers of Our Father & Y'shua!

Thank you for your sharing with this site, it does help & encourage us & in our daily walk in the Way. Blessings to you & all.


Comment by Larry on September 12, 2012 at 11:36am

Thank you Very much... Means alot!  :)

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