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Netzarim, Original followers of Yeshua & His 12

With every thing that is going on in the Nations ,

IM drawn to the understanding of the end times. 

Most of us have studyed about the end times when we where christains , but very few have looked at 

it from a Jewish Netzari stand point. 

So if your interested in this study the line of books on the left front page are all links to Netzari study books and bibles. the book on the side by Carmen wilkers is the book War in the heavens! A look at the end times from a Netzari stand point.

(basic understand of Netzari means TORAH OBSERVANT BELIEVERS IN YESHUA) 

What I love about Carmens writings and books is they are not a here is the answer book as many put out. but more of a here is some points to the answers and you make the Chose ! I love that About carmens books . They give you the points and lets you make up your OWN mind to what you think! 

IF you have not read her books please get them as they are Very Very good . I often say keep them next to your bible!   



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