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organizational mindset Vs Tribal community mindset

I have come to understand over the years in this Messanic Netzarim Movement. 

the church is built as an organization. And not Built in the mind as a community or a people together . 

Also I have seen in this same the Messianic is build in this mindset also. 

Now The Messanic building made from Jewish leaders that has come out of the church . 

And the Jewish people being a Tribal community minded people . Most congregations has a little more 

of a strength in this area of Unity in there congregation , but still is very close to an Organizational mind set 

in the way they function . 


The Jewish people being a people that are still to this day Not of a organizational mindset  but more of a people and a tribe. So with this there Religion is build on FAMILY. 

Family being the foundation of their Religious life. 

This makes a Great difference, and a different motivation for why they come together. From a Heart of Love for people and the care of the people and To God . the Opposite side of that is the Organizational mind set of one of building Business. Where like in the World most are not cared about as long as you do the work that needs to be done. And most dont care who drops off or who gets hurt as longs as the work gets done and completes the drive of the Organization. 

With this many Gentiles that have come out of the Church and are Not born Tribal Or among a people that is community Minded . do this from a Organizational mind set (live there lives and faith) . of one of Building and not of one of Community and the building of people to people connected to Elohim. 

So in the Rising Netzarim moment , Again many are Born gentiles and have come in into Israel and Her Olive tree.  But they must Learn to drop and leave there Organizational mind set at the door. 

The Jewish faith the Faith Yeshau desired was Built on Family and community , We see this by him taking 12 men close to himself (women followed and even cared for the group as a whole ) even as close as leaving together for 3 years , So that they would not get just Head Knowledge (organizational MS) of HIM as Elohim , King Messiah, Son of Man ,  But as a real person (Community Tribal MS)  that dealt in the Real problems of Life and the life of HIs Community He lived in person to person . 

We as Netzarim must undue Organizational mindset we understand and know from being Raised in are gentiles (non Hebrew Tribal community Family mindset) and move to a Hebrew TRIBAL COMMUNITY MINDSET. 

We have much to learn from are Hebrew Yehuda brothers Orthodox and Judaism in general. As most of us have seen that the Jewish people No matter of what sect of there faith they are, for the most part are VERY CLOSE . and even the ones that dont go still feel a very strong connection to there community of people . and the importance of being together and standing with each other and even giving money and time and kindness to staying close connected together .

We Netzarim must do this I truly feel if we want to Grow and not die out again!

( Or stay in hiding as are orthodox brothers are doing Now at this time.) 

This time not from being Killed out by Christians, Muslims and the like HATERS) 

But from are own lack of community and Love together. 

We are No longer Greek , Pagan people . We no longer Worship Idol and the like. 

With this we must Learn as I said before from are Yehuda brothers Jewish orthodox community and must Do Love, Do Unity, Do Community, Do Heart MATTERS with each other . 

This Means Yes deal with your brothers Mess and pick up his mess and Love him. This 

Means care for your sister and Love her and invest in her life for more then just getting her SAVED whatever that means ! Come to understand in Messiah we are one! And His Body and if One part of His body hurts (Each Individual person )we hurt , and if one is in Glory and Having a blessed time , Then the Whole Body is to Rejoice! This is a Tribal mindset together we are and together we fall together we rise! 

the Warning to this is that if we build around an organization we are doing nothing better then are gentile friends and there Worship of Idols as are Once temple we do not Worship but the Elohim within the Temple is are Head,Father and are King and Elohim, this is not Organizational as this is a Love Living Relationship together around are ONE YHWH ELOHIM.

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