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Netzarim, Original followers of Yeshua & His 12

The Kids are soon to go to school , And these kids are funded by you the people. 

They are being tought the Ways of YHWH in Yeshua.  

We here at Netzari-faith have Partnered with them to help the kids. 

As they hand take care of them. 

As you know The heart of the Torah is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

And yeshua raised it up for the Kids and the Poor , saying SUFFER NOT THE LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME FOR  SUCH IS THE KINGDOM. 

I myself take this to be a rule .. so when i give i like to give to the Kingdom , and not organizations.

And money hungry men.

Its coming soon for them to go to school so I will keep you updated as you know are feast time's are coming 

And for the opening of each feast we Give and give Abundantly,  

I will keep you updated and give you more information about the children and the work being done there in pakistan with YHWH kids! 

Also if you want to get in touch with them . 

Ahsan Masih is on here and you can befriend him to know more about them and the work ... 

He is one of the main one's working and teaching the Kids the Faith and serving them. 

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