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u KNOW THIS site is my labor of love, 

I noticed all the mess on facebook and other sites , and all the sectioned off running in the Messanic moment , 

So I decided , I spend so much time looking for awswer and must of them come from wild gentiles trying to be Jewish and dont have a true love for Elohim Israel and the Jewish people let alone think about that most of them just started this journey and now there trying to teach others and build ministry, 

As if this is what Yeshua said to do. 

So here is my Labor of Love , 

its years and years of Looking for Jewish Answers to the Questions that many dont want to answer or it takes years and years of study before you get them. And even harder if you want to get them from Jewish rabbis that are learned in the faith. that are also not into the political Madness that is running around the Messianic moment ! 

So No matter how many look at this site or go on. 

Here I offer this to YHWH My Love My G*d and KING, 

My labor of Love , the Answers to all the questions we always wanted to know but it would take years to get the answers to them , So heres my site

The Answer to the Questions from Faithful Jewish mothers and Fathers that Love Israel, Jews, gentiles and the One Elohim.

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