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Subject: Gossip

5:22 ... But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother ...
This comment is on the heels of 5:13-21 where Yeshua says he is teaching Torah "correctly" (in its fulness) to His Jewish audience, so that they can take this Torah out to the world.

Yeshua makes a connection between murder in verse 21, and "speaking evil" of someone in verse 22. This was not a "new teaching," but had been greatly overlooked by that time. Such "evil speaking" is called speaking "Lashon Hara" (Evil Tongue) against a person, and is equated with murder throughout Jewish literature. The book of "James" (Ya'acov is his real name), it also speaks of the subject of "the tongue" to great length.

Yeshua is reminding the people that "character assassination" is as bad a "physical assassination" in God's sight. This is the higher level of Torah that He taught -- All part of His greater command to "Love one another."
This is also the first of many examples we will show of Yeshua supporting Pharasaic Talmud:
Babylonian Talmud, Bava Mezia 58b - One who shames the face of his fellow, it is as if he has murdered him.

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