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From the Zohar :"The Highest Grade of Faith"

In Hebrew / Messianic thought the "Nefesh" is the intimate internal dwelling of the "Ruach" (Spirit) after becoming to its point of due worth the Ruach rests as it did upon the "Altar" as it is written "until the spirit be poured upon us from on high" Isaiah 32 this was fulfilled upon the feast of fifty (Pentecost) 
When spirit and soul have readied or prepared themselves (fasting, cleansing, praying , rededicating ) they recieve the "super soul" (neshamah) or in dwelling of the divine . 
The study of these grades of soul yeilds an understanding of higher wisdom that links together a number of mysteries. 
It is Nefesh that holds the lowest stirring to which the body adheres ; just like a candle flame whose flame adheres close to the wick with out which the candle could not be more than a ball of wax. 
When fully kindled it becomes the throne for light . Is it not the same for man?? We arrive to different stages of Holy (Kadosh) (Ps 16:3)
When Avrim (Abraham ) entered into the land Yahwey appeared to him , Avrim recieved Nefesh then journeyed south. (Gen 12:9) and recieved Ruach . He attained the last summit now cleaving to Elohim through neshamah 
We pass through our own grades of belief and understanding and build our "altar" to Adonai being put to test often seduced by demonic essences , but proving our selves we as Avrim return to our abode (dwelling place) as it is written he (Avrim ) went up out of Egypt, and thus attained the highest grade of faith and cleaved to Elohim

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Comment by KnuNetzer on June 22, 2015 at 2:50pm
Cool. I think based on my comment and based on yours we may have some.agreeing understanding. I find the whole process frustrating sometimes but I percieve I may be impatient wanting results straight away. I guess the whole seed sowing inages answer that. They need to grow and then after a time the fruit appeares.
Comment by Daniel Baumet on June 3, 2015 at 2:43pm

I see our spirituality as that as life , one mirrors the other , as a child that is born may have the same complete knowledge as you and I do yet he (she) has no reason as to how to apply it , hence we first respond to a command that says move, and then our parent then assists us to stand and take our first step , which is shaky at best , but as years go by we become more sure in our footing, this does not account how we still from time to time stumble being not careful . 

We hear a lot comment on Acts 2 and read the account of how when the High Priest was annointed in oil gave evidence in shaking so that the bells and pomegranates rattled and rang, we are told to draw close to Elohim , and we strive daily towards growing in or love and devotion . I never quite understood that whole process until I read this in the Zohar, did not the Mashiyach instruct the 12 to tarry in Jerusalem until they were renewed from on high ?? Is it not then recorded they continued in prayer and fasting meeting daily until this moment which we now are in or approaching ?

A teacher of mine once said "I am Holy, I become Holy , I will be Holy" At the point we accept Him  (Y'shua) we become Holy, yet we have a lot to learn, As Avrim set out in his journey and as the children of Israel left Egypt we too journey towards our promise, as they learned along the way we learn as a child we take our first steps often falling within seconds upon our behinds (truth??) 

I have seen too much "Spiritual Retardedness " within the congregations, so yes ... I have gone on too long lol we move from "Faith to Faith" we learn things, we grow, our diet changes, it sinks in we become more assured , we are taken out of Egypt and attain the highest grade of faith .. 

Comment by KnuNetzer on June 3, 2015 at 1:27pm

So would you say this is an ancient insight into a process that mirror's "From faith to faith?"  Basically stages.  We learn things, they sink in, we get tested, then either straight away or later we can move on to the next test and then again as time goes on hopefully we can be closer and more pleasing to Elohim and also more useful?

This is what I think you are saying, but even if it is I think scripture points to this anyway so how would you say we put this into practice in light/instruction of what you have expounded from the Zohar?

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