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  • Amida


    Amida Larry Feb 5, 2013 83 views

  • To Love Is To Know Pain

    To Love Is To Know Pain

    The word is easily tossed around. But to those who truly know, the word Love is synonymous with und… Larry Jan 24, 2013 17 views

  • More Fire!

    More Fire!

    Let's light up this world with the fire of our souls! Larry Jan 24, 2013 8 views

  • May Brothers Rejoice Together in Unity

    May Brothers Rejoice Together in Unity

    הנה מה טוב ומה נעים שבת אחים גם יחד Behold how good and how pleasing, if brothers could sit togethe… Larry Jan 24, 2013 11 views

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where is everyone?

Posted by KnuNetzer on January 23, 2017 at 1:36am — 1 Comment

YHWH"S Children of pakistan

This is a kids home that Teaches & Cares for Homeless, Poor & Needy Kids of Pakistan. The Way  of YHWH


Greenblatt says Palestinians have 'right to protest dire circumstances'

The United States envoy stressed they should do so at a safe distance from Israel’s border with the strip and with no violence.

Israel Prize winner Miriam Peretz: I won’t give up parts of my people

“If you miss one piece of the puzzle, the picture will not be complete, so I will not give up any part of my people."

Israel today

Israel Remembers Her Fallen, Then Celebrates Their Victory

Israel again makes its incredible annual transition from mourning to joy as we remember the fallen, and celebrate their victory

Israel Sets Red Line for Russia Amid Rising Fear of War

Reports of souring relations between Israel and Russia have increased fears of all-out war in the region

Palestinian Leaders Vow to Resist, Outlast Trump

Palestinian president urged to reject American peace plan at all costs because Trump will soon be gone

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