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Islam - What the West Needs to Know (full)

ISLAM - What the West Needs to Know An examination of Islam, violence, and the fate of the non-Muslim world. (98 mins) Main Idea. Virtually every major Weste...

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Comment by Azaryah Ian Farrell on November 25, 2012 at 3:49am

My sister Shalom yes Islam is another for of RCC along with our Politicians have to wake up to the monster in our midst. They and us underestimate the threat of Islam, we have a duty with understanding the truth of the Bible against the Quran then we can teach those who are Biblically ignorant. If only those who are blind being led by the blind could read more importantly understand the wonders the truth the light the strength to obtain peace and everlasting life from the Tahlmud and the renewed book (continued New Test) sorry for me the second book is not a new testament.we need to enter in open debates in further education institutes with Muslims and expose the lies the Mullahs teach, we should be fighting the Bible be taught in our schools and shout Quran NO this is alien to our believe it is alien to our way of life, Muslims you came to our country freely as such know our laws obey our laws do not force your believes and customs on us. if you do not want to integrate into our way of life then please feel free to go to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, or any other such place. spread your hate and speak there if you can what you shout among us, they would not I suspect keep there liberty without being either incarcerated or being executed? 

Comment by Elisheva (Bonnie Greer) on November 24, 2012 at 10:11pm

Wow, I had forgot about what the past U.S. presidents had said about Islam and hearing it again, now, I am like "REALLY"?  Our presidents have continually made excuses for Islam with lack of discernment.

Comment by Larry on November 24, 2012 at 3:14pm

I agree with you azaryah on all acounts , I have to say it is not one of prece and I mean that is right in front of us we see that . but some how amarica done not get it !  :( 

Comment by Azaryah Ian Farrell on November 24, 2012 at 4:38am

It is interesting that in all cases those who say Islam is a religion of Peace only states what is told them and not by there research. to even say Islam is a religion is in itself id ludicrous as Islam is not a religion, one need to understand the word religion, Buddhism Christianity, Jewdism, Hinduism these are religions (I am not stating they are correct) they do not teach and condone terrorism, lies, deceit, jihad, Women mutilation, making women as second class citizen, or suppressing or not teaching the truth to there children.

Comment by Azaryah Ian Farrell on November 24, 2012 at 4:10am

We who call ourselves Messianic or who believe in the Bible have a very grave duty to expose Islam for what it is. We also have a duty to stop the Spread of teaching Islam in in our schools and to insist that the Bible is again taught again in our schools. When those Muslim children are shown what is actually written in the Book (Bible), not what is taught by there Mullahs. More important we need to speak allowed on TV, Radios, seminars in Universities and schools, to debate Islam teachings against what the Bible. This I believe would reduce those who convert to Islam and convert those who are seeking truth or peace to leave Islam. This should be our duty. Muslims don't even realize that the Doom on the Rock does not stand on the site of the Quadesh La Quadesh (The Temple of Solomon) we then need to educate the world this has to be built and can be built without touching the dome on the Rock, and under Islam there is no holy site in Yisrael for them to claim such is astounding, let them explain such to the Western world.

Comment by Azaryah Ian Farrell on November 24, 2012 at 3:53am

If only those politicians would take advice from people like Aayan Hirsti Ali and other like her they would know that Islam is the greatest crime existing on this planet today to say that Isalm is Peace is astounding. the word Islam and Muslim they need to Know and understand what these mean. also the contraction and teachings of the Quran, which is nothing except treachery , deceit and clear instruction of the meaning of Jihad. Muslims supposedly except the books given unto Mosheh and they are supposed to ask from the prophets in the Book so why are they against Yahdims if not but by the lies in there book. Mohammed had a Jewess murdered suckling her child in the middle of the night and then condones such actions, (HER CRIME WAS TO CRITICIZE MOHAMMED)  is astounding to then say Islam is peaceful. With over 51 contradictions within there holy book. If Islam is peaceful then why is it compulsory that those who leave Islam are to be killed? (PEACEFUL) this is a war against civilisation and humanity.


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