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Monte Judah's third objection is that Exodus 24 only mentions blood,
not water, scarlet wool or hyssop. Judah seems to believe that any
detail included in Hebrews that is not recorded in the Torah must be a
mistake. However there are many places where the books of the "New
Testament" mention details of Torah events which are lacking in the
written Torah itself. For example 1Cor. 10:4 states that the rock in the
wilderness followed Israel. This detail is lacking in the written Torah
but is found in the Midrash (B'midbar Parshat Chukkat (Num. 20:16-
2a)). 2Tim. 3:8 includes the detail of the names of Pharaoh's
magicians. These names are not found in Exodus but are found in the
Targum, the Talmud and the Book of Jasher. Jude 1:9 records a
conflict between the angel Michael and HaSatan over the body of
Moshe, while the Torah records no such conflict. Even the other
books of the Tanak record details of Torah events which are not found
in the written Torah. The Psalms record that Joseph was kept in fetters
while imprisoned in Egypt (Ps. 105:17-18) a detail lacking in the
Torah. Therefore why should it be a problem for Hebrews to include
details in Torah events that are lacking in the written Torah?
In fact the Talmud records a tradition that the sprinkling with blood at
Sinai was accompanied by a sprinkling of the waters of purification:
R. Johanan said to Resh Lakish: It is right according to me who
infer from the Consecration; for this agrees with what we are
taught: `On both of them [the Priests] we sprinkle throughout
the seven days [water] from all the sin-offerings that were
there'; but according to you who infer from Sinai, was there
any sprinkling done on Sinai? — But according to your own
reasoning, it would not be right either, for in the consecration
[ceremony the sprinkling was done with] blood, whereas here
with water? — That is no difficulty.
For R. Hiyya taught: `The water takes the place of blood', but
according to you, was there any sprinkling on Sinai? — He
answered: It was a mere additional provision.
(b.Yoma 4a)

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Comment by Larry on July 24, 2012 at 8:49pm

Fully agree with you Rabbi, also I know he has change much of what he thinks of pauls writings. And its just not safe for talmidim to be under these people that change there minds And add books and dont  apologize to the people for the mess that they make!.

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