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The Feasts of YHWH:

High Holy Days to plan for in 2013*:

Please note we use the calendar published by Andrew Gabriel Roth; not the rabbinical calendars. (See basic explanation here.) We have, however, posted the rabbinical dates for those who wish to follow them.

You can also find a free downloadable calendar for the entire year on our Essays and Articles page! Just scroll toward the bottom until you see Free calendars, Siddurs & Pesach Seder.

Hebrew Month
Gregorian Month
Day of week
Passover Nisan 15-21 27-Mar-13
(26 Mar & 1 Apr Rabbinic*)
Shavuot 6 Sivan 16-May-13 Thursday (15 May Rabbinic)
New Year 1 Tishri 6-Sep-13 Friday (5 Sep Rabbinic)
Yom Kippur 10 Tishri 15-Sep-13 Sunday (14 Sep Rabbinic)
Sukkot 15-22 Tishri 20-Sep-13
Friday (19 & 26 Sep Rabbinic)

*For 2013 the Rabbinic calendar which is calculated by "rules", has Passover on the wrong day. The rabbinic calendar has 1 Nisan on March 12th. You might ask "why is this wrong?" The short answer is that if the 1st day of the Holy Year (1 Nisan), begins on a Wednesday (as it should), then Yom Kippur (10 Tishri), seven months later, will fall on a Sunday. Rabbinic rules do no allow Yom Kippur to fall on a Sunday or a Friday (no back-to-back Sabbaths permitted). We do not agree with the man-made rules, and submit by our calendar that 1 Nisan begins the first day after the lunar conjunction, and so 1 Nisan falls on Wednesday, March 13th.

Now, the "Crescentists" will even differ from both calendars and will not claim 1 Nisan till March 14th, because the crescent new moon will not be seen from Jerusalem until the sunset of March 13th! (Sunset marks the beginning of the next Hebrew day). We already see that 2013 will likely be "epic" for "calendar wars"! So we have an article to explain things for those who are interested. See The Calendar War of 2013

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