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In the years Ive found to many cooks out here teachings Hebraic roots. Also Ive found very few good teachers and leaders in right standing with each other with good Morals in keeping of the Torah .

Ive crossed the scared name people who don't care much for Torah keeping but DON'T SAY THE WRONG NAME OR ELSE! Ive found the Ephraim people who only care for the most part in who they are. I have far more compassion for these then the scared namers! Ive found much of the Messianic moment what cares far to much of salvation based on their Jewish identity then to allow gentiles in ONLY IF YOUR THE SPECIAL GER TO JOIN WITH THEM. this is one of the major cases for the fringe groups that are out their like the 12 tribe group that is off doing there own thing and building up places APART  from Yehuda , THIS IS FALLILY at its best! BUT HERE I MEAN TO HAVE A SAFE PLACE WHERE WE CAN LEARN TOGETHER THE WAY WITH YEHUDA SHOW US THE WAY , as we who where born gentile but now have come in to the Living Torah and joined with are Jewish brothers and sister, who has welcomed us in to join is the Larger body of Israel. AS IN THAT DAY THEY WILL GRAB THE TZITZIT OF THE JEW AND SAY ELOHIM IS WITH YOU AND WE WANT TO GO, SHOW US AND TEACH US THE WAY, FOR SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS!

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