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    The Fall Feasts are coming up!  Yom Teruah begins on sunset September 27 this year.  Yom Kippur is sunset October 6.  Sukkot begins at sunset October 11.  Last day of Sukkot is October 19, which begins sunset, October 18.  The holy days we need to take off from work are September 28, October 7, October 12 and October 19.  Please see for more info concerning the Fall Feasts.

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How were these dates determined? It is my understanding they can only be estimated at within 1 or 2 days in advance of the 1st of the 7th month. Shalom Aleichem.

also we know with all of are tecknology today

I don't want to be difficult, rather I'm not understanding. Isn't it the Netzari way to adhere to 1st century methods as closely as possible? If so, then what technology?


Biblical calendar months and festival dates were determined by physical sighting of the new moons and the Aviv barley. There's hardly any technology in these. I don't recal Torah mentioning anything else.


Shaloom Aleichem

And you are right! I cant explain all of it .. and Andrew Roth has a way that He has done it unto the way the understanding was in the time of Moses ... and with out the Rabbis that have changed amny things .. 

I would have to ask if I can put his teaching on this site.. I might have one teaching ... 

YOu can look under the Feast teachings one of them is by andrew roth that will help... 

I will try to see if i can get a Release to put it on this site. 

Have you looked at a secular calendar lately Jeremiah? I just did and it says September 27, 2011 is the astronomical new moon day. I'm sure you know the astronomical new moon is dark and can occur at any time from 00:01 - 23:59. That's not at all like the sighted new moon. Shalom Aleichem.

i DONT UNDERSTAND IT ALL. im just  moving tward that way.!

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