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Yeshua was a Torah observant Jew, so did he wear Tefillin?

Thanks, Kevin

Our Response....

The answer is: Although there is no scripture to verify this notion, chances are, He probably did wear them. The reason we say this is because, while there is some argument that the PRECISE final form of rabbinic traditional tekhlet and tefillin developed over time and finalized in the middle ages, it would not correct to say that no form of these items were worn in Y'shua's time, either by him or his followers.

Matthew 23: 5. And they do all their deeds that they might be seen by the sons of men. For they widen their Tefillin 205 and lengthen the Tekhelet 206 of their robes. (Aramaic English New Testament)

Footnotes read:

205 Leather box/straps containing Bible verses that traditional observant Jews bind on their arms and foreheads during daily prayer, except on Shabbat (Deut. 6:8 (Paul Younan translation)).

206 The "ribbon of blue" of the "tzitzit" (fringes), as commanded in Num. 15:38. "Tekhelet" can also refer to tzitzit, or even the whole prayer shawl/talit. (Paul Younan translation)

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