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I have often thought about the end of the age and know that it is coming soon.  When I was younger it was not a big deal the tribulation just sounded kinda fun, but now I have children 4 sons to be exact and I want them to be ready. 

I grew up in a El fearing home and when I was 19 almost lost my salvation.  I have been on the search for the true faith of the apostles since than.  really it was refiners fire that kept me from leaving the faith but I have studied many other parts of christianity now since than as well. becuase when I thought about the end coming and me growing up in little persecution in a good home and I still almost left the faith for other religions.  I knew without a doubt that I needed the truth so that I could raise my children in righteouness that they might be strong in the age to come.  So in my search I studied Catholicism, Anglicanism, Baptist, charasmatics, amish, mennonite, Methodists, Calvanists, armeanian, Orthodox, Netzari and Messianic.  right now I would consider myself a messianic leaning Netzari Right where I started after I almost lost my faith.  Why?

Daniel, Daniel was a prophet of G-d not in Israel and not just used to serve Israel but also Babylon.  He stood against the pegan worship of praying to the king.  He stood up for kushret eating in the face of a king at a young age, it is even said that he may have seen his parents executed right infront of him and he fasted and got so much revelation of the things to come (very soon) that he was literally sick.  I knew this must be a righeouss example of some one who stayed strong through a tribulation and conqured.   I know it may be slightly differant but it is a shadow of the Babylon to come or maybe it is here I do not know enough about it. 

The more I studies Daniel the more I realized it was not Daniels strength that kept him.  No it was his training and up bringing in the Mitzvahs.  How would he know what was Kosher or not if he did not know the Mitzvahs.  He obviously knew the 10 commandments and  would not worship the king. 

I started to think if I want my kids to make they need a culture and llifestyle that will allow them to watch my head roll and still serve the l-rd.  I want to give my children the best chance they can possibly have.  I am not saying it is fool proof and I am not saying if you do not do this your children will not make it.  All I am saying is I think that living according to the mitzvots of Y--h will give your children a chance to face the trials and tribulations to come. 


Any parents out their on this site or any one really please comment.  What do you think are some of the most important mitvots to train a child in and how do you (creativly) teach them in your sitting down and rising up?     

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 Shalom akhi Quentin,

  Melanie and I are proud parents of 2 sons, ages 14 and 10.

  Teaching our children all of the Torah is an important role as parents .It is especially difficult living in the dispersion but Abba YAH is faithful to us and our boys are a blessing to us.

 Keeping them focused on the things of YHWH and Yahushua ha Mashiyach are the essentials. Today's society and morals a far cry from how children are to be raised according to Torah. So I encourage you to simply take things a day at a time and a situation or mitzvot at a time. Read the weekly Torah portions with them each Shabbat including the Brit Hadesha portions as well. Then just allow their questions to come...and believe me they will.

 I know that these end days are going to be troublesome. I often, often worry about my family when things get extremely hard soon.But we must maintain our focus on living for the King and being the leaders of our homes.While at the same time keeping our wedding garments washed from the stains of sin, idolatry and false religions. Yahushua is coming for His "unblemished" Bride...this needs to be our focus. When we focus on Abba YAH  and walk according to His Marriage Contract- The Torah..we can move forward toward righteousness and hear HIS Voice. 

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