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Mashiach kept the whole Torah. He told every one that Torah was to be kept (see Mattityahu HaLevi / Matthew 5, also 28). All his teachings have as a base the Holy Torah and the Prophets.

ANY ONE who teaches or proclaims that the Holy Mashiach broke the Torah and such notion is acceptable to him; this individual must be judged that his so called Mashiach is a false one, not the real one. This is the spirit of Armilus (anti-Messiah) present these last days. (See 1 Yochanan / John 2:18-22; 4:3) Armilus hates Torah and Israel.

The Holy Mashiach was to come before the destruction to the Holy Temple according the prophet Daniel (Daniel 9:26). This means that the Holy Mashiach would be able to KEEP THE WHOLE TORAH. Not just part as we do today (since about one third of all the commandments of the Torah deal with Korbanot and Temple service).

If some one proclaims today be the Mashiach, this person cannot keep all Torah (since the Holy Temple is destroyed), thus disqualify him. Yes, the Mashiach when He returns will rebuild the Holy Temple but according to Daniel 9:26 Mashiach will come first before the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago! This is exactly the time when the Yemot HaMashiach (Days of Mashiach) were to start. And they did, with Mashiach’s coming!

Also, His faithful emissary Rav Shaul (Paul) kept the Torah and to prove it to the whole world he went to the Holy Temple to perform a Korban (sacrifice) for keeping a vow (see Ma’asei HaShlichim / Acts 21:20 -24). Rav Shaul never says “I’m not longer under the law brother” he never said, “Hey, this stuff is done away.” Rather he went through it, to show that he was faithful to the Torah of God. He was a true Talmid Chacham (Torah scholar)… not the Torah breaker some anti-Torah people believe him to be.

The fact is that many writings have been done with the nonsensical idea that our Holy, Rabbi, Maran Yeshua HaMashiach and all His Emissaries and followers were breaking Torah, and encourage others to break it as well. Well this is far from the truth. Maran Yeshua HaMashiach said, “He did not come to break Torah but to bring Shelema / Completion.” Mattityahu HaLevi 5:17. This is the true Mashiach, a true Torah man.

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