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When I set up my profile here I selected the "Ephraim" option as my  choice for whom I associate with. I had no Idea what the implications of that selection were.


Recently I did a Google search on "Messianic Ephraimite". Once again I found something I was NOT looking for. Boy was I disappointed! I certainly don't relish the idea of being associated with such a confused bunch!


Nevertheless, I still identify with the title "Ephraimite" (for far better reasons). After all, Yeshua and his talmidim were, and rightly identified themselves as Jews, despite the starkly contrasting nature of their beliefs of their non-Messianic contemporaries.


Here is my reasoning:


1. My identification as a Messianic Ephraimite pre-dated revelation of such a movement's existence.

2. I do not claim Torah observant gentiles are genealogical Israelites.

3. My identity as a Messianic Ephraimite is based on my belief in British Israelism (genealogically speaking).

4. Hezekiah only addressed Ephraim, Manasseh, Issachar, Asher and Zebulun. Reuben, Naphtali, Dan, and Gad were not. Plus, no further mention is made of any of the ten afterward. So much for the House of Ephraim being brought back.

5. The Northern House completely abandoned it's identity, while the House of Judah maintained it's divinely appointed identity as bearer of the scepter.

6. My Israelite identity (Torah observance) was not inherited, rather, it was re-discovered. This further supports my belief in British Isralism.

7. The claim that Jews are not Israelites has no biblical foundation and ignores all genealogical accounts in scripture.

8. It is blasphemy to claim "the church" has replaced Israel as this too ignores scripture.

9. The patriarc Jacob placed his name on Ephraim and Mannassah out of love for his wife Rachel. However, Leah's son Judah was issued the scepter by YHVH's decree. I feel this warrants the two house distinction.


It is unfortunate that a segment of the Messianic movement has sullied the name of Ephraim, and by extension that of Judah and  their creatorYHVH. I also find it disgusting that there is still an on-going feud between the two Messianic houses.


I for one go on the record as acknowledging that much of what is stated above is primarily subjective opinion. Furthermore, I recognize YHVH and Yeshua will draw all to them and, in doing so, have the last word on the matter. Bless the Holy Name of ADONAI Elohim!


Shalom Aleichem

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Omein achi.

U have got my attention' here I will say how I feel about this , as i came to this two house understanding first. then I soon came to the Torah Observant understanding with out the added understanding of us that in history many of us have something to do with this as far as POSSIBLE are blood lines. I have to say no matter why as Carmen would say In Yeshua Keep Torah we are IN GRAFTED AND things are settled in peace.

I come from Native American background . After some study have found that the ancent Cherokee where Hebrews or had some kinda of very close Relation with the ancient Hebrew people that crossed the sea in the time of Solomon . I know they have found the Peleo Hebrew writing among the old Natives here in America and do document as of the 1800 that they did allot of things like the Jews do. Or have a Very close model of many of what temple customs where. so with this I do believe that many native Americans are relatives of the Hebrew tribes . But in No way see it good to make this a title for me as IN MESSIAH YESHUA I'M IN ANY WAY! AND YESHUA and the FATHER alone hold the right to say WHO WE ARE. ( as in the lost 10 tribes) and we will wait as it is promised that Yeshua will come and make these things plan to us and call forth all tribes again to the Kadosh city, to worship again 1!:

OK I also have to say this. as many are looking for Identity in this walk in Torah as the Jewish people are very Strong in there Identity.

And many have come to feeling lost and are looking for one.  As if In Yeshua is not enough.


as some try to make up their own groups of Israelite people apart from the Jewish people and THIS IS FOLLY!

IN THE FULLEST DEGREE! and we Netzarim hold hands with are FULL JEWISH by blood brothers and sisters.

And with out that LOVE i don't care who you think you are u commit the sin of ISRAEL as most of the 10 tribes broke away from Judah to do as they felt and this showed folly for them and they where sent away from land not to return till MESSIAH.  and judah got to stay and leave to return. So a warning to those Israelites, hold to Judah as Elohim is with them! :)

Better to love those who Elohim YHWH loves then to find yourself ageist HIM! and on your own side for trying to look at YOURSELF

I agree ach YirmeYahu.

Invitation to know the Netzarim Jewish Community in Brazil: We thank you in the name of Yeshua.  

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