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Foreshadowing of the Messiah through Moshe

By Darryl Skytta

Moshe made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole; everyone who is bitten,(snake) when he looks at it, shall live. (Numbers 21:6)

In Deuteronomy 18:15 Moshe told the people, "The L-rd your G-d will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your countrymen, you shall listen to him." (Also John 6:14) It is interesting to note that Moshe was an adopted son of Pharaoh (Exodus 2:10) Yeshua was an adopted son of Yoseph. (Matthew 1: 16)
Moshe had to hide in Midian. (Exodus 2:15) Yeshua (Jesus) had to hide in Egypt. (Matthew 2:13-15) Both were called out of Egypt.
Thru G-d, Moshe turned water into blood. (Exodus 7:17) Yeshua turned water into wine. (John 2)
Moshe parted the Red Sea and crossed over, walked through the water. (Exodus 14:13-31). Yeshua calmed the Sea of Galilee and crossed over, walked on the water. (John 6:16-21)
All the first born of the Egypt were killed during the time of Moshe. (Exodus 1:15-22) All the first born were killed in Bethlehem during Yeshua's time. (Matthew 2:16-23)
Moshe lead his people out of bondage of Egypt. (Exodus 13:3) Yeshua leads His people out of the bondage of hell. (Isaiah 61:1-2a; Luke 4:14-30)
Moshe was nearly stoned by the people. (Exodus 17:1-4) Yeshua was nearly stoned by the people. (Luke 4:14-30)
Moshe promised the Promised Land of Israel. Yeshua promises heaven. (John 14:1-6)
Moshe redeemed the male first-born sons lives through the Passover lamb. Yeshua, the first-born male, redeemed lives because He is the lamb of G-d. (John 1:29-36)
Moshe fed the people with manna from heaven. Yeshua fed a great multitude by dividing the five barley loaves and two fish. (John 6:1-14)
Moshe provided water and manna from heaven. Yeshua provides living water and is bread of life. (John 4:10; John 6:33)
Before Moshe judged his people he kissed his father-in-law and ate a meal before G-d. (Exodus. 18) Before Yeshua was judged He was kissed by Judah and ate the Passover meal. (Matthew 26:20-56)
Moshe brought the veil between the holy place and the Holy of Holies. (Exodus 26:31) When Yeshua died the veil was torn and no longer of use. (Matthew 27:50-54)
Moshe made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole; everyone who is bitten,(snake) when he looks at it, shall live. (Numbers 21:6) Yeshua was put on a pole; everyone who is bitten, (sin) when he believes in Yeshua, shall live. (John 3)
Moshe struck a rock with his staff at Horeb and water came out. (Exodus 17:1-7) A soldier struck Yeshua with a spear and water and blood came out. (John 19:31-42)
Moshe picked twelve men to search for the Promised Land. (Number 13) Yeshua picked twelve men to search for men to go to heaven. (Mark 3:13)
Moshe brought the law, which reveals sin. (Deut.) Yeshua brought grace by His death to atone for sin. (Hebrews chapter 9)

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